TracSmarT+ 1V and 2V trackers represent the ultimate tracking solution: the most reliable and cost-effective, adapting to every project need and being the best alternative to optimize LCOE, CAPEX and OPEX.

Single and dual row trackers

The combination of single and dual-row 1V tracker configurations, distributed in the deployments, allows the CAPEX of any project to be optimized.

Download the TracSmart+ 1V Datasheet


The implementation of single-row 2V trackers is the optimal solution for complicated implementations and foundations.

Download the TracSmart+ 2V Datasheet

Adaptability to slopes: 15%NS - 10%EO

Gonvarri Solar Steel trackers have a high capacity to adapt to increasingly uneven terrain. This means greater adaptation to N-S and E-W slopes, reducing earth movement to a minimum.

Compatible with large modules or panels

Gonvarri Solar Steel’s solar trackers are 100% compatible with the latest generation of M10 and M12 large format solar panels.

Minimizing the ratio piles/MW

The optimization of the design of the photovoltaic solar trackers, according to the particularities of the project, allows customers to have a solution totally adapted to their needs, guaranteeing the performance of the structure throughout its useful life and reducing execution times and the associated supply.

Solar trackers adaptable to bifacial technology

TracSmarT+ family is 100% compatible with bifacial panels.

Optimized foundation design

The client has an engineering service focused 100% on meeting the needs of his project. Each foundation is promptly analyzed, so that the possible applicable solutions are studied, and the optimal execution is prescribed. This solution is duly justified to guarantee the correct performance of these solar trackers.

Designed for dynamic and aerolastic wind effects

The design and validation methodology developed for Gonvarri Solar Steel’s solar trackers, the result of years of research, provides an answer to one of the main functional limits of the solar tracker. Thanks to Gonvarri Solar Steel’s network of highly specialized partners, its designs have been validated by third parties, obtaining replicable results that correlate with the theoretical models. The laboratories and collaborating entities, equipped with the most advanced means, meet all the requirements and accreditations required and comply with the highest quality standards.

Solar trackers designed to withstand higher loads

Gonvarri Solar Steel’s category of solar trackers, TracSmarT+, can withstand the most severe weather conditions, thanks to the exhaustive validation processes to which the design is subjected, completed with strict quality control in both supply and assembly execution. Through the use of dampers and reinforced designs, the functional limits of the solar tracker have been increased to make it compatible for use in adverse climatic zones.

Reduced O&M cost - OPEX

The design of Gonvarri Solar Steel’s solar trackers has been conceived in such a way that they can be installed without requiring a high level of specialization. The use of commercial and standardized elements, the minimization of reprocessing in the execution phase, or the fact that the use of specialized tools is not necessary, are key factors to reduce the assembly costs associated with these solar trackers. The selected constructive solutions and materials allow to have elements with very low occupancy rates in these works, if not directly free of maintenance.


Certifications: UL 3703 | IEC 62817 | CE

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