TracSmarT+® is the definitive tracking system​ solution. It is a plus in nearly everything: more​ reliable, more capable, more cost efficient, more adaptable. Moreover, it requires less installation and maintenance efforts.

3GW delivered and installed

2P Configuration

· Motor per Row Design

· Up To 90 Modules, 2 in Portrait

· Designed for Wind Dynamic Effects

· High Slope Adaptability N-S 15%

· Reduced O&M Costs

· Optimized to Bi-Facial Technology

· Wireless + Self-Powered

1P Configuration

· One portrait configuration minimizes the ratio piles/MW

· Suitable for larger size module

· Adaptable to Bifacial technology

· Designed for Dynamic-aeroelactic wind effects

· Optimized foundation design

· Conceived to withstand higher loads

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