September 28, 2022

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The evolution of HR in employment: Attracting and retaining talent

Companies that consider human capital as the most important asset tend to be more productive and efficient. This reality motivates most HR departments to work in this direction.
One of the most important aspects to give value to this asset is to know and work on the needs of the different actors that interact in our company, as well as to continue creating job opportunities.

Gonvarri Solar Steel is also committed to the new generations, relying on the University of Oviedo to attract these new profiles and offer them quality professional training. This plan is materialized through external internship agreements and through the “Suma Talento Program” internships in collaboration with the University of Oviedo Foundation.

Cristina F. Mangas, head of HR at Solar Steel, as an essential figure in the process of attracting and retaining talent, tells us how she manages this process and her work dynamics to ensure the well-being of each of the employees.

Cristina Fernández Mangas, Responsable de RRHH de Gonvarri Solar Steel.

Cristina Fernández Mangas, head of HR at Solar Steel.

Q. Cristina, How do you think employment in the company has evolved over the last few years?

A. The evolution has been very positive. We have experienced very close and exponential growth associated with the promotion of renewable energies in recent years.
This has translated into job creation, which is expected to continue to increase, as solar energy leads the world in job growth in the renewable energy sector.

Q. Has the collaboration with the University of Oviedo had a positive influence on the process of attracting new talent?

A. Of course it has. We collaborate with the University of Oviedo by supporting the acquisition of professional experience for students through external internships.

On the other hand, we also contribute to facilitate the insertion in the labor market of people who have completed their studies by offering employment scholarships. All of this helps to attract young talent, which we are sure will be a guarantee of success in the future.

Q. What other methods does Solar Steel use to reach or attract new talent?

A. By promoting our “Employer Branding”, for example, by giving presentations at the University, generating differentiating value propositions that reinforce our brand.

Q. What is the importance of attracting new talent in a sector as competitive as the energy sector?

A. It is fundamental; talent can differentiate one company from another. We are facing the most demanding time in terms of people management. This translates into difficulties when it comes to recruiting, due to the shortage of specific profiles caused by the growth that the sector is experiencing and the competition to attract talent.

And the competition to attract talent. We are all looking for the secret formula, but one of the most fundamental parts of this task and differentiating ourselves is our company brand as an employer.

Q. Given their importance, what aspects are critical for these talents to quickly adapt to the work dynamics that Solar Steel employees follow?

A. When talent comes to a company, you must take care of it from the beginning. During the adaptation process, it is important that new employees have a person to support and guide them in their first steps in the company. That is why we attach great importance to Onboarding, to promote integration into the team and make new employees feel part of it.

Q. What kind of follow-up and training is offered to new talents starting their careers at Solar Steel to help them grow professionally?

a. If attracting talent is a challenge, retaining talent is even more so. Talent retention is one of the fundamental pillars of our HR strategy because human capital makes the difference. We seek to provide our employees with the tools that make them feel they are in an optimal environment to develop their professional careers.

Q. If competition in this type of sector is very high, how do you manage to retain that talent?

A. At Gonvarri Solar Steel we try to foster a sense of belonging to the company among our employees, which contributes to improving motivation, commitment, performance and, therefore, staff retention. To this end, we are committed to measures such as promoting the development of human talent, so that our employees feel that they are progressing within the company through the training we provide them. We have also implemented flexible working hours that allow a better balance between work and family life.

On the other hand, we encourage internal communication and teamwork, so that employees are aware of the company’s progress, results, and their value to the company.

Q. What advice would you give to someone who would like to develop their professional career at Gonvarri Solar Steel?

A. The renewable energy sector is growing worldwide, and Solar Steel has reached number 20 in the ranking of the thousand fastest growing companies in our country, becoming the first company in Asturias in terms of growth within the same ranking. Our positioning means that we are in continuous growth, and we need specialized positions, so I encourage all those who want to develop their professional career in this sector to choose our company as a bet for the future.

Q. Finally, why should they choose Gonvarri Solar Steel as their bet for the future?

A. Solar Steel belongs to Gonvarri Industries, a leader in the steel and aluminum transformation business, whose sustainable and profitable growth over the last few years has been immense. Solar Steel offers numerous advantages to its employees, as well as the feeling of belonging to a team with which they can quickly integrate, a collaborative work environment marked by continuous innovation.

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