Fixed Structure




Fixed structure adaptable to any type of module and configuration.


System adaptable to any type of module and configuration

Gonvarri Solar Steel’s fixed structures are fully adaptable to project and customer’s needs. Factors such as different type of module sizes, orientation, string size, angle… are analyzed to proceed with the most efficient design.


Download the RackSmarT Datasheet

Optimal structural design of each project

Gonvarri Solar Steel determines the best technical-economical solution for each project considering each location and layout singularities.

A deep analysis of applicable codes of the project’s country together with the use of specific software to analyze the environmental & soil corrosivity will provide the highest quality standards of the structure and the CAPEX optimization. Our engineering team rigorously analyzes the results of the pull-out tests to evaluate the best foundation for each project.

Adaptable to any slope

Gonvarri Solar Steel’s fixed structures are highly adaptable to increasingly uneven ground. The regulation characteristics of the design allow a perfect adaptation to high slopes in both N-S and E-W directions, minimizing the civil work.

Reduce assembly times

Gonvarri Solar Steel’s fixed structures have been designed to reduce assembly times and therefore the CAPEX of the photovoltaic installation. Smaller number of elements and greater assembly tolerance allow speeding up structure’s installation. Our on-site technical advisory team allow, through various services, to ensure the correct assembly of aur fixed structures in compliance with the strictest quality standards.

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