October 5, 2022

Gonvarri Solar Steel and Iberdrola sign a new 1.2 GW+ agreement in Spain and Portugal

Solar Steel has signed with Iberdrola the supply of 289MW of TracSmarT+1V trackers (single- and double-row) as well as 938MW of RackSmarT fixed structures, totalling 1.227 GW.

The projects located in Spain are Ciudad Rodrigo (324.5MW), Cedillo II (375 MW), Basilicas (99.9 MW), Salinas I, II, II (148.4MW), Majal Alto (50.5 MW), Peñarrubia (50 MW), Tallisca (48 MW), Ballestas (41 MW) and Casetona (28.6 MW).

Carregado (61.6 MW) is the project located in Portugal and will be a plant with a fixed installation and tracker part. Gonvarri Solar Steel and Iberdrola further strengthen their commitment to a more sustainable and emission-free world.

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