Suministro de TracSmarT+ en USA
May 4, 2023

Gonvarri Solar Steel signs a new 72 MW tracker supply with Ferrovial in USA

Solar Steel, a consolidated leader in the manufacture of solar trackers and fixed structures, with more than 18 GW of track record, will supply 72 MW of its TracSmarT+ 1V single- and dual-row trackers.

The supply, which will take place entirely in Texas, includes a total of 1,314 TracSmart+ 1V trackers and 133,336 photovoltaic modules that will prevent the emission of 26,000 tons of
CO2/year into the atmosphere and which will generate the energy equivalent to the consumption of 34,000 households each year.

With this project, Solar Steel consolidates its position in the American market, where it already has more than 4.2GW of track record and which it considers a target market for 2023.


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