Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics details our vision and principles. It works as an ethic and legal framework for all our employees, and for everything we do at Gonvarri Industries.

Shared culture

We are present in a number of constantly growing countries and markets, which involves the integration of different cultures and regulations in the framework of a shared culture that drives all our actuations.

Ethical-legal framework

To meet this goal, a series of codes have been developed, it’s been created an Ethics Committee to resolve doubts and possible non-compliances, and there are various reporting channels.


Guides for local development

We operate in multiple countries. Therefore, the interpretation and application of several part of the Code of Ethics may be changed and determined as per the needs of local customs and cultures.



The channels are they way by which possible irregularities, non-compliance, or conduct incompatible with the law and the framework established by the Code of Ethics can be reported.


  1. Email: ethicschannel@gonvarri.com
  2. Online platforms: https://gonvarri.i2-ethics.com/
  3. Report irregularities by mail:Att. Internal Audit and Compliance. C/ Embajadores s/n 28053 Madrid, Spain


For further information, download the Ethics and Conduct Code here

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