Project execution

Gonvarri Solar Steel offers a full range of services during the executional phases of the project and in the after-sales stage in order to support our customers to optimize the LCOE of the PV plant.



Based on our global footprint and strategic location of our factories and supply base, we are capable of providing punctual and flexible deliveries of materials to our customer base no matter the project location.


Installation services

Gonvarri Solar Steel is capable of supporting project execution activities onsite via different services adapting to customer preferences.

Training and certification of mechanical installers

Apart from our current base of homologated installation companies we set-up specific training. Via this program that would take place either in our showroom or on project site, we certify that these companies have the knowledge and capabilities to properly install our products.

Technical assistance

Professionals from Gonvarri Solar Steel construction team will be constantly onsite during project execution in order to guide our customers and the selected installation companies during the assembly of our products. This is a very competitive solution that would improve furthermore the communication and Q&A solving onsite.


Gonvarri Solar Steel will deploy a team of quality technicians onsite in order to fully certify mechanical installation of our products.



Our engineers apply previously customized protocols in order to guarantee operational excellence and long term reliability of our systems.


Project management

Relationship with the customer and achievement of its goals is the cornerstone of Gonvarri Solar Steel. Having that in mind, a project management approach is considered from the early stages of the project to the after sales stage. Professionals from our team will guarantee, through continuous communication with the customer, the correct delivery of products and services.


Project engineering

As part of the flexibility and dedication we provide to our customers our project engineering team will adapt to customer additional requirements and changes demanded in order to make the project a success

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