November 4, 2020

Gonvarri Solar Steel achieves the milestone of 1GW of its RackSmarT+® mounting structures delivered to Iberdrola in Spain, the world leading renewable Company in 2020

Madrid, 4th November 2020. Gonvarri Solar Steel, division of Gonvarri Industries has supplied 1GW of its RackSmart+® fixed tilt structures to the PV Projects developed by Iberdrola in Spain during the last two years.

Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha, Aragón and Andalucía are the regions where Gonvarri Solar Steel has delivered the RackSmart+® fixed tilt systems.

Gonvarri Solar Steel commits to the ecological transition, promoting the green energies as Iberdrola Renovables does and involving the local industry. In this way, a large part of the supplied structures to these projects have been manufactured at HIASA, the plant of the Gonvarri group in Cancienes, Asturias; while an important part of it were manufactured in local companies located in the same provinces of the PV projects.

Furthermore, additional PV projects will receive the RackSmart+® system during Q4.

Gonvarri Solar Steel brings to the PV market its experience, a well-proven and reliable product as well as financial strength to make PV projects real. Moreover, Gonvarri Solar Steel provides to its customers the necessary know-how for the development of new projects in a variety of environments. The above figures position Gonvarri Solar Steel among the largest solar tracker providers in the Spanish market and at a global scale.

About Gonvarri Solar Steel

Gonvarri Solar Steel is a division of Gonvarri Industries with a trackrecord of more than 13 GW. Gonvarri Industries is a leading company in steel service centers and the manufacturing of structures for renewable energy. Gonvarri Industries has more than 45 industrial plants worldwide, with over 6,000 employees and a revenue of more than 3,700 million euros in 2019. Solar Steel has focused its efforts on providing customers with integral solutions according to their product and service requirements. For more information, visit www.gsolarsteel.com

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