Control: TracSmarT+ System

Our TracSmarT+ System is a revolutionary solar tracking system that automatically directs to each solar tracker to optimize their orientation based on the sun’s position. This device, crucial for energy efficiency, adjusts tilt and orientation using motors and actuators.

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Solar Backtracking 3D Control System


Our solar tracker system utilizes algorithms to calculate the optimal positions of solar panels in real-time, taking into account the sun’s path throughout the day.

A solar tracker system that combines direct and diffuse irradiation


Our solar tracking system allows us to achieve a combination of direct and diffuse irradiation to optimize performance compared to traditional solar tracking methods.

Self-cleaning position


Thanks to the sensors in our revolutionary control system, our solar tracker can automatically position itself for cleaning in case of nighttime rain.

Advanced Data Analytics Tracking Controller System


Through advanced data analysis, our solar tracking controller systems are capable of performing predictive maintenance, anticipating potential issues and preventing costly interruptions: Predictive maintenance, integration of weather forecasting systems, automated cleaning in case of rain, optimized safety positions against weather factors.

Solar tracking control system with interchangeable batteries


One of the standout features of our tracker controller system is its ability to swap batteries, significantly extending its lifespan and enabling ultra-fast and efficient commissioning and maintenance tasks.

Advantages of the TracSmarT+ System solar tracking system


TracSmarT+ System reduces both CAPEX and OPEX thanks to its built-in intelligence. It also stands out for its ease of implementation. This comprehensive tool provides  operability and maintenance, offering a holistic view for informed decision-making.

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