After-Sales SmarTCare platform

Our sign of identity is the reliability of the products and services we offer to all our customers. The after-sales team offers a quick and efficient response to each customer, as well as the guarantee of a proven and innovative product.

During all these years we have earned the respect and trust of our customers thanks to the success of our products and the continuous support over time, during, and after the completion of each project.


Gonvarri Solar Steel Warranty

Gonvarri Solar Steel offers all customers the highest levels of guarantee on each of our products and services. From day one, we accompany our customers at all times, offering the best guarantees on the market and an integrated and structured after-sales service to meet our customers’ expectations.


Warranty extension

We extend the warranty of our 1V and 2V trackers of the TracSmarT+ family so that the customer has the peace of mind of having fixed operating and maintenance costs without any risk. Contact us for more information.

M&M: Monitoring and maintenance service

Gonvarri Solar Steel offers a plant monitoring service with alarm alert systems and weather forecasts. Our revolutionary service achieves to minimize reaction times to control any unforeseen event, as well as periodic visits by specialized technicians that allow us to keep the installation in an optimal daily maintenance state with the technical improvements present on the market. We not only achieve a certified guarantee but also reduce the LCOE of all projects where our products are installed. Contact us for more information.


International spare parts hub

The international dimension of Gonvarri Solar Steel, present in its five continents, allows us to have sufficient stock strategically located, generating shorter response times in the event of any eventuality.

This flexibility gives us an added value that sets us apart from our competitors.


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