As part of a large multi-sector company, Gonvarri Solar Steel takes advantage of the internal top-notch knowledge in product design and steel characterization, besides the industrial capability to manufacture our products in roughly all regions. Futhermore, we bring additional value to our customers, collaborating with them in the early phases of the project design.


Product engineering

The main focus of Gonvarri Solar Steel engineering team is to provide our customers with the most efficient solar single-axis tracker and fixed structured, both in performance and cost, to ensure our customers the lowest LCOE on their projects.

Modeling and FEM analysis

Every single part of our products is modelized and FEM analyzed to ensure its robustness and reliable life operation.

Continuous improvement

We continuously strive for developing new and improved products to support our customers in maximizing their assets solar production.

Project engineering

At Gonvarri Solar Steel we recognize the uniqueness of each project and, in consequence, our project engineering services are tailored on a project-by-project basis.

Layout optimization

Our project engineers will closely work with you to optimize your PV plant yield and land-use while minimizing the execution costs.

Pull Out Test (POT)

As part of the pre-execution services, we make available to our customers our Pull out Test services which reduces the uncertainties and risks in an early pre-construction phase.


Advanced design for Layouts the implementation of trackers and fixed structures minimizing earthworks in uneven ground surfaces.

Download Dhatsheet here.

Project management

Relationship with the customer and achievement of its goals is the cornerstone of Gonvarri Solar Steel. Having that in mind, a project management approach is considered from the early stages of the project to the after sales stage. Our team professionals will ensure, through continuous communication with the customer, the correct delivery of products and services.


Industrial capacity

Gonvarri Solar Steel is part of Gonvarri Industries, a leading company in Steel service centers and the manufacturing of structures for renewable energy with 45 factories in 19 countries and a large and global supply-base. Gonvarr Solar Steel is constantly working to ensure our customers the best-in-class quality and highly competitive costs and lead times.

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