Solar Trackers

TracSmarT+ 1V and 2V solar trackers represent the ultimate solar tracking solution: reliability and profitability tailored to every project’s needs, optimizing LCOE, CAPEX, and OPEX.

Solar Trackers for photovoltaic plants

The TracSmarT+ 1V (single-row and dual-row) and TracSmarT+ 2V single-row solar trackers are the ideal solution for optimizing the performance of photovoltaic plants. These innovative solar trackers are designed to maximize solar energy capture throughout the day by automatically adjusting the orientation of solar panels to follow the sun’s path.

With our 1V and 2V trackers, you’ll experience increased energy production and a faster return on investment. Furthermore, Solar Steel’s technology, experience, and industrial capacity ensure the durability and resilience of these solar trackers, making them a reliable long-term investment for any solar project.

TracSmart+ 1V Solar Trackers


Our 1V solar tracker is a versatile and efficient solution that allows for a wide range of tracking. It offers single-row and dual-row configurations, adapting to different terrains with its IPS system. With a robust design and structural protection, it complies with international standards and structural and corrosion protection regulations.

The TracSmart+ 1V is designed to adapt to different string sizes and large module formats, offering high adaptability on slopes and complex layouts. Its performance has been validated in wind tunnel tests and CFD simulations, based on the collaboration of a team of professionals with over 10 years of experience in the industry and leading experts in fluid-structure interaction research. These factors place the TracSmart+ 1V at the forefront of performance and reliability for single-row and dual-row solar trackers.

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TracSmart+ 2V Solar Trackers


Our TracSmart+ 2V solar tracker stands out as a highly adaptable and efficient multi-driven solution. Its advanced tracking control system can be combined with self-powered or AC-powered options. With the capacity to install up to 3 strings in large module formats, it can adapt to slopes of up to 15% in any direction.

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Solar Trackers adaptable to irregular terrain


Adaptability to slopes is a remarkable feature of our solar trackers. This adaptability has been designed with increasingly irregular terrains in mind. Thanks to the IPS system, our 1V and 2V solar trackers can conform to the different irregularities of the terrain, directly reducing earth movement.

Trackers compatible with large solar panels


The versatility of our solar trackers ensures full compatibility with the latest high-power panel formats, such as square and rectangular formats with cell sizes of 182mm and 210mm.

This feature allows users to maximize the advantages of large-size solar modules without worrying about adaptation or integration. The ability of our 1V and 2V solar trackers to accommodate these larger panels opens up possibilities for optimizing the plant’s CAPEX.

Optimized Piles/MW Ratio


The key to an efficient pillars/MW ratio lies in the optimization of photovoltaic solar tracker design: reducing execution times and simplifying the solar structure supply process.

Solar Trackers designed to withstand severe weather conditions


The TracSmart+ 1V and 2V solar trackers have been meticulously designed to withstand the most extreme loads. These solar trackers are specially prepared to handle complex weather conditions, thanks to continuous validation processes that ensure optimal performance. Additionally, rigorous quality control is applied at all stages, from supply to tracker installation supervision.

Solar Trackers with optimized foundation design


Through a dedicated engineering service that fully caters to the specific needs of each project, a comprehensive analysis of the terrain’s characteristics is performed. This allows for the prescription of the ideal foundation solution to ensure the optimal operation of our 1V and 2V trackers. The combination of detailed analysis and customized solutions contributes to the reliability and durability of solar trackers over time.

Reduced installation cost


The optimization in the design of our solar trackers translates into significant cost savings in installation. The solar trackers have been designed in a way that simplifies their installation through optimized design, the use of commercial and standardized components, and the elimination of special tools.

Certifications of our Photovoltaic Solar Trackers


Certificación UL 3703 | Certificación IEC 62817 | CE


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