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November 23, 2023

Solar Steel signs 250 MW fixed structures supply agreement in Spain

Solar Steel, a leading supplier of solar trackers and fixed structures for the photovoltaic solar sector, is pleased to announce the signing of a significant supply agreement for 250 MW of its fixed structures for photovoltaic projects in Spain.

This agreement underscores the prominence of SolarSteel’s fixed structure, which will play a central role in the realization of this project. A total of 12,698 dual-post RackSmarT racks with hot-rolled laminated piles will support over 380,000 PV modules, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of renewable energy in the region.

The supply, covering five joint projects of 50 MW each, will take place in the Spanish province of Almería, reaching a total capacity of 250 MWp in structures. This contribution substantially aids in the decarbonization of the region and promotes the adoption of clean and sustainable energy sources.

With this latest agreement, SolarSteel reaffirms its position as a leading company in the solar sector, contributing to the transformation of the Spanish and international energy landscape.

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