January 31, 2024

Bureau Veritas certifies that Solar Steel’s Monitoring and Maintenance (M&M) service increases plant availability by up to 2,939%

Gonvarri Solar Steel, a leader in the design and supply of solar trackers and fixed structures for the solar PV energy sector, has received certification from Bureau Veritas for its Monitoring and Maintenance (M&M) service, which is part of its after-sales SmartCare platform.

The validation, granted after rigorous analytical tests conducted on various photovoltaic projects in different countries, confirms that the activation of the M&M service in the plant increases the pointing availability of the tracker and, consequently, its annual production compared to an installation without the M&M. Simulations, considering factors such as sunlight hours per country, location, and installed capacity, revealed substantial improvements, with a 2,939% increase in energy production.

This technological advancement represents a milestone in the solar PV industry, with a potentially significant economic impact. According to expert analysis, the estimated gain for a 50 MWp photovoltaic plant could reach 60,000 euros annually.

As a pioneer in providing personalized customer service, efficient response during the warranty period, and international spare parts hubs, Gonvarri Solar Steel’s SmartCare platform enables comprehensive customer support during the operational stage, a crucial aspect to consider and potentially pivotal for future industry standards.

Check certification doc here

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