November 3, 2023

Solar Steel signs a new 37 MW solar tracker supply contract in Colombia

Solar Steel, a leader in the supply of solar trackers and fixed structures for the photovoltaic solar sector, is proud to announce the signing of a new supply contract for 37 MW of trackers in Colombia.

The TracSmart+ 1V trackers, both single-row and dual-row, will be supplied in three projects with a capacity of 12.6 MW each, all located in the Caribbean region of the Córdoba department, Colombia.

These projects not only promote the adoption of clean energy in Colombia but also contribute to the advancement of the energy transition throughout Latin America. Since 2005, Solar Steel has supplied 3.9GW+ of trackers and fixed structures throughout the region, playing an essential role in decarbonizing energy sources and promoting the use of sustainable resources.

The company is proud of its contribution to the development of the PV solar sector and looks forward to continuing leading the transformation of it in the area, and worldwide.

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