Naturgy agreement
December 13, 2023

Solar Steel and Naturgy sign an agreement to supply over 1.1 GW in Spain

Solar Steel, a leader in the supply of solar trackers and fixed structures, is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement with Naturgy to carry out the supply of over 1.1 GW in various provinces of Spain.

This outstanding portfolio of solar projects encompasses a capacity of over 1.1 GW, consisting of 760 MW of TracSmarT+ 1V solar trackers in both single-row and dual-row configurations, as well as 358 MW of RackSmarT fixed structures.

Projects are being developed in various strategic locations, including, among other provinces: Jaén, Seville, Toledo, Guadalajara, Cáceres, and Murcia. This collaboration not only strengthens their relationship but also reinforces their joint commitment to promoting renewable energies in Spain.

These projects represent a significant milestone in both companies’ commitment to reducing emissions and advancing towards a more sustainable future. Solar Steel and Naturgy are working in close synergy to implement sustainable strategies that foster the expansive development of renewable energy sources.

This agreement serves as a pivotal stride towards a cleaner and more sustainable global landscape, aligning seamlessly with Spain’s aspirations to amplify its capacity for clean energy generation and contribute substantially to the global fight against climate change.

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