solar PV supply
April 8, 2024

Solar Steel expands its presence with a 86.6 MW solar PV supply agreement in Poland

In a significant move towards bolstering renewable energy infrastructure, Solar Steel, a leader in the design and manufacturing of solar trackers and fixed structures for the PV energy sector, proudly announces the deployment of 86.6 MW of fixed structures in Poland. This substantial allocation is earmarked for the execution of three pioneering projects, comprising over 2,800 units of Solar Steel’s cutting-edge RackSmarT solar PV fixed structures.

Strategically positioned within the Choszczno county, nestled in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship of northern Poland, these structures mark a strategic expansion into emerging markets. This initiative not only reinforces Solar Steel’s foothold but also marks a decisive step towards reducing dependency on conventional energy sources.

Solar Steel’s steadfast commitment to innovation and quality has positioned its solar structures at the forefront of the European and global markets. This recent deployment further cements Solar Steel’s reputation as a premier supplier of solar infrastructure on the world stage.

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