Tracker supply to Iberdrola
November 14, 2023

Gonvarri Solar Steel and Iberdrola will install 41 MWp of solar trackers made from ArcelorMittal’s recycled and renewably produced Magnelis® XCarb® for a project in Portugal

Gonvarri Solar Steel, a leading manufacturer and supplier of solar trackers and fixed structures, with more than 20GW of projects in its track record, has signed a contract with Iberdrola to supply 41 MWp of its TracSmarT+1V solar trackers for a photovoltaic project in Portugal.

The project, located in the old Portuguese parish of Carregado, Lisbon, will have a total of 915 single- and double-row solar trackers, 256 and 659 respectively, and will be the first photovoltaic project in the Iberian Peninsula to use low-CO2 steel as the main component of the solar structures.

It consists of 211.79 tonnes of “Magnelis® XCarb® recycled and renewably produced” steel. This steel is manufactured in an electric furnace process, using a high level of scrap and 100 % electrical energy from renewable sources. Renewably produced recycled XCarb® has an associated CO2 footprint that is 70% lower than that obtained by a conventional steelmaking process.

It is therefore the first project in Iberia to use this low-emission steel and is in line with the decarbonisation commitments of Gonvarri Industries, Iberdrola and ArcelorMittal.

Gonvarri Solar Steel, Iberdrola and ArcelorMittal are proud to be able to combine their commitment, knowledge, resources and experience as leading companies in their respective sectors in this solar photovoltaic project in Portugal, which will set a precedent for the development of new innovative, high-performance initiatives as a way to drive the transition to an emission-free world.

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