1P solar trackers
April 30, 2024

Gonvarri Solar Steel has entered into an agreement to supply 54 MW of its 1P solar trackers in the Italian Viterbo

Gonvarri Solar Steel, a leading provider of solar trackers and fixed structures for the solar PV industry, is pleased to announce the supply of its TracSmarT+ 1V 1P solar trackers for two solar farms in the Lazio region, Italy. These projects, with a total capacity of 54 MW, represent a significant milestone in advancing solar energy in Italy, a growing market with a strong commitment to renewable energies.

The supply of Gonvarri Solar Steel’s solar trackers will not only benefit the Viterbo province in terms of clean energy generation but will also create jobs throughout the lifespan of the projects, from construction phase to ongoing maintenance and environmental management of the solar farms.

The over 1,323 1P solar trackers from Gonvarri Solar Steel, designed to accommodate a large number of PV modules, are expected to contribute to the annual production of approximately 102,579,870 kWh of clean and renewable energy. This amount of energy will be sufficient to supply a high percentage of households in the more than 60 municipalities there, contributing to the decarbonization of the region, and directly to the country.

With over 3000 hours of sunlight per year, these locations are optimal for solar energy generation, supporting Italy’s ambitious goals in energy transition and environmental sustainability.

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