1P trackers Italy
May 8, 2024

Gonvarri Solar Steel continues to drive renewable revolution in Italy: New supply of 31 MW from their 1P trackers

Gonvarri Solar Steel, a leading provider of solar trackers and fixed structures for the solar PV industry, is proud to announce a new agreement for the supply of their TracSmarT+ 1V 1P trackers in a solar project in Italy.

This new project, with a capacity of 31 MW, marks a significant step forward for the company, consolidating its presence in a burgeoning Italian market increasingly committed to integrating solar energy into its energy mix, which already accounts for nearly 40% of total renewable energy.

This agreement will strengthen Gonvarri Solar Steel‘s ties with local companies and underscore its commitment to job creation in the region and the preservation of depopulated areas where the solar trackers will be installed. Harmonious coexistence of wildlife and flora will be ensured, with sustainable management of spaces to avoid adverse environmental impacts and contribute to ecological balance.

With over 1,700 of its 1P trackers, Gonvarri Solar Steel will enable the installation of 45,836 solar modules, with an annual production capacity of 62,500 MWh. This translates into clean energy for over 17,700 households and a significant contribution to the country’s decarbonization, avoiding the emission of 12,500 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually.

This new agreement represents a step forward in the collective commitment of the renewable energy sector in the fight against global decarbonization, encompassing all aspects of the production processes.

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