solar PV project Spain
May 14, 2024

Solar Steel secures major 59MW deal of solar trackers and fixed structures in Spain

Gonvarri Solar Steel has secured a 59 MW supply agreement. This agreement, encompassing the development and supply of structures, is scheduled for implementation between the current year and 2025.

The agreement includes the supply of 42 MW of their fixed RackSmarT structures, as well as 17 MW of their 1P single-row and dual-row solar trackers, TracSmarT+ 1V. This versatile range of products underscores Gonvarri Solar Steel‘s ability to adapt to the specific needs of its clients, supported by the reliability and efficiency of its multi-product platform.

The fixed structures, which will constitute a significant portion of the supply, will accommodate a total of 1,417 dual-post tables, strategically distributed in different locations, including the Aragon perimeter and southwestern Spain. On the other hand, the supply of 1P solar trackers will involve the delivery of 330 units, featuring a combination of single- and dual-row configurations to maximize land occupancy.

It is expected to generate employment opportunities and foster the development of new projects harnessing clean energy generated. Additionally, the structures’ ability to adapt without causing damage to existing foundations is highlighted, thus maximizing the natural benefits of selected areas. A turning point in the Spanish energy landscape, leveraging a hybrid mix of solar structures to fully harness the sun’s potential.

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