Solar trackers peru
November 9, 2023

Sign of a new supply agreement for 400 MW of solar trackers in Peru

Solar Steel, a leading supplier of solar trackers and fixed structures for the photovoltaic solar sector, is pleased to announce the signing of a new supply agreement for 400 MW of solar trackers in Peru. This agreement represents a significant milestone in the expansion of renewable energy in the South American country, where our trackers have been present since 2012, totaling 500 MW and establishing us as one of the companies with the largest market share in the country.


The agreement involves the supply of 5,400 of their innovative single-row and dual-row TracSmarT+ 1V solar trackers for two projects located near the Peruvian provinces of Islay and Chiclayo. It is expected to prevent the emission of more than 160,000 tons of carbon dioxide (tCO2) into the atmosphere annually, further reinforcing Peru’s commitment to combating climate change and promoting clean and sustainable sources of energy.


The TracSmarT+ 1V solar trackers are renowned for their efficiency and ability to maximize solar energy production, making them an ideal choice for large-scale projects like these. By harnessing the abundant sunlight in Peru, these projects will provide renewable energy to over 230,000 households in the Northern regions of the country. This sustainable supply will not only benefit local communities but also support the Peruvian people’s efforts to decarbonize its energy matrix and move toward a more sustainable future.


The signing of this agreement is a testament to our commitment to promoting renewable energies as an effective solution for addressing climate change and providing a cleaner and more sustainable energy source. As global energy demand continues to rise, this step demonstrates the importance of collaboration between the industry and countries to achieve a greener future.

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