March 19, 2019

Solar Steel will supply three new solar-powered irrigation systems based upon TracSmarT+® single-axis tracker

Madrid, March 19th, 2019. Solar Steel, division of Gonvarri Steel Services will supply three new installations of solar-powered irrigation systems to different farming exploitations in Spain. These PV irrigation-pumping systems use the most advanced solar tracking technology, present in the single-row TracSmarT+® tracker.

With these three new installations, Solar Steel will have delivered a total of 10 solar-powered installations in 6 different provinces in Spain with a cumulated power of 2,304Kwp which will produce 6,237Mw-hr per year and generates enough electricity to supply 1,906 households.

This installed power will allow the farmers to cut down the electricity bill by 8 million euros during the next 25-years.

Solar Steel is firmly committed with the adaptation of solar tracking PV structures to the rural sector necessities, mainly because of the savings advantages that those solar systems provide to farmers in terms of consumed energy by the irrigation pumping systems.

The solar-powered irrigation systems are an efficient alternative to the traditional pumping systems, providing to the farming exploitations with tool to manage, control and reduce the electricity bill. Furthermore, the use of renewable energies for irrigation pumping is sustainable and environment-friendly, minimizing the environmental footprint by reducing CO2 emissions. The 2,304Kwp supplied by Solar Steel, will avoid the emission of 1,534 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere.

TracSmarT® and TracSmarT+® systems reduce the environmental impact shortening the installation time to record figures. Solar Steel distinguishes itself by integrating in house all processes in the value chain, from the coil to the steel structure fully installed on site. This, combined with the engineering capability and organizational strength, positions Solar Steel as a solar industry leader.

About Solar Steel

Solar Steel is a brand of Gonvarri Steel Services with a track record of more than 8 GW. Gonvarri is a subsidiary of Gonvarri Steel Industries (GSI), leading company in steel service centers and the manufacturing of structures for renewable energy. GSI has more than 56 industrial plants worldwide, with over 9,000 employees and a revenue of more than 3,300 million euros in 2017. Solar Steel has focused its efforts on providing customers with integral solutions according to their product and service requirements. For more information, visit www.gsolarsteel.com.

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