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January 22, 2024

Unveiling Hidden Potential: Solar Trackers on Single-Axis Mounts on Sloped Terrain

Our engineering team at Solar Steel has collaborated with the University of Oviedo and its research team to develop a groundbreaking analysis: “Experimental and numerical investigation of the influence of terrain slope on the performance of single-axis trackers” redefining the efficiency of solar energy capture on inclined landscapes.

Deciphering the advantages of mountain slopes:

While we are familiar with the usual benefits of solar installations in mountains, such as lower temperatures and higher solar irradiance, our joint study reveals an even more exciting secret. Single-axis solar trackers strategically placed on sloped terrain can harvest significantly higher annual solar irradiance than their horizontal counterparts.

From theory to practice: The evolution of our joint study

Our journey begins with the derivation of key formulas that establish the theoretical foundations. Progressing to practical application, we present numerical simulations that support our conclusions. But we don’t stop at theories; we elevate our research to the next level with a prototype of a north-south aligned single-axis solar tracker in Gijón, Spain.

Revolutionary results through experimentation

The experimental results astonishingly validate our theoretical predictions and simulations. This confirmation marks a crucial milestone in optimizing solar energy capture, paving the way for unprecedented efficiency.

Unraveling the future of energy

Closing the study, we jointly provide theoretical insights into energy gains on slopes in the northern hemisphere. These gains, reaching up to 13.5%, open new possibilities for sustainable energy solutions.

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